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How does iptv premium subscription work?

the best iptv server usa strability is assured

Our premium IPTV server is compatible with all Andoid box and smart TV, MAG, fire stick amazon, decoders, Pc windows, apple TV, IOS, VLC Kodi and others; IPTV is a mode of broadcasting TV using the Internet, it allows customers even with a "low speed" connection, to be finally eligible to enjoy digital television, all you have to do is plug in your device and connect it to the internet.
We offers you a large choice of TV channels and VOD, this international television service is broadcast via the Streaming of a video stream with a very high speed connection, and accessible anywhere in the world.
Start watching your favorite channels and bouquets all over the world, you can be in USA or Europe and have the paid Sport channels that are on Nilesat, or be in Asia or Africa and watch the French channels of Canal +, whatever your geographic location on Earth !
Our iptv server is currently the largest supplier of premium IPTV channels on the market. We offer you all the channels in the world.

This tutorial will guide you through the simple setup instruction 

Android Box

1- Please download and install the IPTV SMARTERS PRO application from Play Store or App store ;
2- Open the iptv smarters pro application and click on connection with Api Xtream ;
3- Enter your name then enter the information of your Subscription which will be communicated to you 10 minutes after your order( Usename, Password and Url) ;
4- Validate this information and take advantage of our premium iptv subscription with unprecedented quality Premium IPTV with guaranteed stability;

Smart  Tvs (with the smart IPTV app)

1- Download and install the smart iptv application from the application store on your TV
2- Open the smart iptv application and you will find your MAC address example: 12: d4: 21: d4: xx: df
3- After your order, please give us this MAC address
4- Less than 10 minutes later, you will receive an email confirming the activation of your subscription and you will benefit from our premium quality

Smart  Tvs (with the SSIPTV app)

1- Go to the settings of the SS IPTV application
2- Click on the GET CODE button
3- Copy the code
4- Go to the website:
5- Paste the code
6- Click on the OPEN button
7- Choose the file you downloaded by clicking on your M3U link in your subscription
8- Wait until the channel list is downloaded on the page
9- Click on the SAVE button
10-Restart your Smart TV (LG or Samsung or other brand)
11-Enter the SS IPTV application
12-Enter the folder of your IPTV channels

LAPTOP Windows
VLC player

1- Download and install the VLC player
2- Open your browser and download the m3u file with the link we gave you
3-After opening this file with the VLC player
NB: the reader will need approximately one minute to download the whole list of IPTV channels

STB Emu 

How To Install STB Emu :
- Installing STB Emu is easy by going to the Google Play Store doing a quick search and clicking Install.
Links to STB Emu on Google Play Store
StbEmu (Free)
StbEmu (Pro)
After it is installed the IPTV information will need to be entered with the steps below.
How To Setup STB Emu :
Below is a basic setup of STB EMU and should work with most IPTV providers.
Things needed
best IPTV Service Package:
Portal URL: this is a URL we will send you
MAC Address: This can be taken from another box or from stb emu. Example: 00:1A:79:xx:xx

Enigma devices

1-Download and install DCC or Putty Download and install DCC or Putty
2- Open DCC or Puty Open DCC or Putty.
3- Type Hast name: local ip address for android box
4- Connection type setting: Telnet
5- Enter
6- Username and password entered (user and pass: root)
7- Copy the command line we send you by email: wget -O /etc/enigma2/ “ &output=mpegts”&&chmod777/etc/enigma2/ && /etc/enigma2/
8- Paste it in DCC or Putty ssh
9- Enter / Wait for it to be installed
10- Restart the receiver
11- Go to your “Favorites” box and you should have a new bouquet with the name EXCELLENTIPTV.

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